Where Solo Movie Fits in Star Wars The Timeline?

Let's take look star wars timeline what is before and whats after Solo movie.

So far in Star Wars movie marathon we count amazing nine movies and one animated movie calld Star Wars Clone Wars from 2008.

It is movie marathon with about 21 h and 51 min duration and this year in may 25 we will get new movie in that timeline.

So where we can expect to put it by storyline?

Since movie as we see on trailer follows young adventures of Han Solo we know that is before original triology and after episodes I, II, III.

Now the only question is it before Rouge On or after. Thats also simple. Rouge One ends by start of Star Wars episode IV. It could happen in the 5 minutes between Leia getting away and Vader catching up her but I don't thinks so.

Onliy logical explanation is that Rogue One is after Solo movie :D and Revenge of the Sith is before

For more info about full Wars movie marathon visit this link ...

Solo: A Star Wars Story info

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Solo: A Star Wars Story
The movie will follow the adventure in a dark criminal underworld with joung Han Solo who meets his future copilot Chewbacca before joining the Rebellion....

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