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The great adventures archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones

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4 number of marathon titles
8 h and 2 min total duration of marathon
~$1,983,841,081 marathon earnings/box office

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Raiders of the Lost Arkon IMDb
The year is 1936. An archeology professor named Indiana Jones is venturing in the jungles of South America searching for a golden statue ... [...]

Duration: 1h 55min
Box office: $389,925,971
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doomon IMDb
Set in 1935, a professor, archaeologist, and legendary hero by the name of Indiana Jones is back in action in his newest adventure. But this time he teams up with a night club singer named Wilhelmina [...]

Duration: 1h 58min
Box office: $333,107,271
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusadeon IMDb
An art collector appeals to Jones to embark on a search for the Holy Grail. He learns that another archaeologist has disappeared while searching for the precious goblet, and the missing man is his ... [...]

Duration: 2h 7min
Box office: $474,171,806
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skullon IMDb
In 1957, Indiana Jones and his partner George "Mac" McHale are kidnapped by Soviet agents under Colonel Dr. Irina Spalko, who infiltrate a warehouse labeled "Warehouse 51" and force Jones to locate a [...]

Duration: 2h 2min
Box office: $786,636,033

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